A little glimpse of my professional career!


   My coaching story starts early! 

   I started working in a GNC at the age of 17 and within a year and a half, I had reached the position of manager for the biggest banner in Quebec. After thinking about it, I decided to quit this job that was offered to me to go work in a Health Shop and focus on my studies when it was natural science at the time. I decided to end my studies and concentrate 100% on training and my career. I was recruited by a coaching team at Summit training and I am doing
currently training and managing a team and I take care of my own clients while keeping a few shifts at shop santé!

To educate myself, I have invested in several training courses including

  • Coach on fire,
  • Precision nutrition,
  • Quantum Academy,
  • Export coach and a few others

However, my way of learning is by reading so I read books and research every day.

My training day and my favorite style?

   At the gym, I'm a leg fanatic, that's why it's my greatest strength! My training style is HIT, high intensity training, where all sets are warm-ups for the biggest set of the exercise.

What motivates me to train?

   Learn more about my body and push the limits of what is possible in terms of my physique but also my performance!

My favorite supplements?

   My supplementation is very simple, but I love everything that is pre-workout, preferably without stimulants and a good protein isolate. My favorite flavors for these styles of products are surely Cyclone and any type of chocolate.

My hobbies?

   I am a fanatic of reading and personal development therefore, podcasts, books and everything related to philosophy! I like messing around with friends and I'm a super open-minded person, but when
Now is the time to work and make yourself uncomfortable, I can tell you that I am the best.


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Oh yeah I'm up for it!