Overview of my professional background 


  • study to university in nursing 
  • Clinical nurse since 2014
  • Attendant to the beneficiary during my studies 
  • Assistant head nurse since 2018 
  • Night work at the CHUM in thoracic surgery, ENT, plastic surgery and reimplantation of fingers / wrists / hands 


I don't really have a favorite sport anymore apart from bodybuilding. But when I was young, I played basketball, volleyball, handball. I was in sports concentration all my childhood and have always been very active!


Preferred training method 


Focus on the mind-muscle connection: slow reps / focused reps / 

I like supersets to boost cardio a bit too.

My favorite muscle group to train is the legs, then the back, then the shoulders. 

Note that a good leg day to vomit ... that's what I really love!


What motivates me to train

Build the best version of myself! Improve every movement, every muscle, learn knowledge and apply it and even share it. 

My favorite products

My favorite products right now are STEM and PUMP rocket pop. The EAAS with Lemonade are good but with grapes ARE DEBILED. Proteins also have crazy flavors!


I work so much so it's hard to have it hahaha but it's mostly spending time with family and friends. I like to do outdoor activities especially. 


Cheat meal pref

Burger and fries alll the way. 2 burgers and 2fries is my order to go !!!

Fun facts

I love dogs, she is my favorite animal, but currently I have had a rabbit for 4 years and I have another 4-5 years, she is my little girl hihi