Pierre-Alexandre - PA



Professionnal career 

Firefighter Montreal Fire Department

Director of Growth & Assistant at Quantum training

Personal trainer at Quantum Training

Favorite sports 
Bodybuilding obviously otherwise, all board sports! 
Training method that I like the most
It would have been easier the ones I like the least haha, otherwise I would say cluster, but honestly anything that works well and is logically well programmed.
What motivates me 
Feeling of accomplishment, feeling good about myself and above all it's made a discipline, a way of life.
My favorite supps 
ENHANCED PUMP + STIM, legit the best pre-workout combo I've tried in my life 
Favorite animal 
CHAT (Fuck yeaaaa IMMA cat man),
Favorite cheat
Candy & chips & choco (especially the one that goes best haha)