My journey in bodybuilding

    Since childhood greatly influenced by muscular physique in films, particularly by Arnold Schwarzenegger, I started training at 19 I weighed 55 kilos for 1m70. I was really complexed by my thinness then one fine day a friend brought me to the gym and then I fell "addicted to cast iron".
   I took part in my first competition in 2008 at the IFBB French championship in JUNIOR I finished 1st!
   Since 2008 I have participated in 2 other championships in France - 2 times in the provincial Quebec once in Mr. Canada CBBF.
I am 35 years old today 16 years in total in the bodybuilding world I have now been a full time trainer for 2 years!
My favorite sport 
My favorite training method
   My favorite training technique is the DORIAN YATES method (high intensity, low volume training that will seek muscle failure with forced repetitions) very effective but hard on the joints and the nervous system.
   I also like pyramid type training and “drop sets” I think we have to find our style and adapt the training to our body type and our own feelings.
My motivation to train
   Training is an outlet, an excellent way to relieve stress, recharge your batteries and work on your physique, your mind, your self-confidence. 
Like everyone else, I also like the feeling of being pumped up in training, the well-being that this provides is the best feeling in the world.
I also train to age in good shape and in good health!
My favorite supplements
Protein (peanut or cookie or chocolate flavor) Magnesium, Vitamin D3, EAA Pink lemonade flavor, Omega 3, Vitamin C
My hobbies 
Travel - I love traveling with my partner and visiting new places 
I like to play with my fur balls (My Cat and My Dog)
I love cinema - harder now with Covid19!
My favorite animal. The cats 
My favorite cheat meal (I hesitate Burger or pizza or Brunch) I'll say the 3!
A subject that I would like to discuss 
Is to never let someone doubt you, believe in yourself believe in your dreams! Don't let anyone try to distract you from your dreams and goals!