Audrey - Coach Drey!


   Let me introduce myself, Audrey Lemay, 21 years old and a fan of the training world since I was 14. Having my godfather, my aunt and my father in this world, they obviously passed on their passions to me and today I have the chance to work in this field at PM Fitness Canada, at the Center in Blainville.

A little glimpse of my professional career!

   To begin with, it was at the end of my DEC in human sciences that I decided to embark on this new adventure in the summer of 2020 to be a coach. Why did I choose this path? Because my coach Jacob Hamel from Quantum Training gave me the idea of applying at PmFitness, knowing that I had been thinking for a while about becoming a coach, because they have a vision like the one I have, which is the importance of the psychology, of the mindset behind the sport. My goal through this sport is to bring the importance of psychological well-being to the world of fitness, so that's why I'm currently finalizing my course as an OSA practitioner, a branch of NLP, in addition to the many training courses at Quantum Training. 

What motivates me to train

     Then, my favorite sport, of course, is training. Why? Because the training allowed me to save myself from my eating disorder, to discover how far our body, our machine can go. This world has allowed me to relearn how to love to eat, not to do 2 hours of cardio a day to lose fat, how to properly recruit each muscle and more. If you think training is all about pushing harder, lifting weights ... it's a lot more than that.

My favorite workout style

   Several methods are possible such as wave loading… my favorite! It was when I did this method that I reached my goal of 2 squat plates for 5 reps. I love to surpass myself every day, which is what motivates me the most at the gym.

My hobbies

   Without forgetting, I am a nature lover, since I come from Mont-Tremblant, so Hiking and one of the activities that I like to do the most, it reminds me how much all the efforts put into something are worth worth making it to the top. No matter which path you take, how difficult it is, it all ends up paying off and worth it. 

My favorite supplements

   Also, my supplement must-haves are: my Rocket Pop Enhanced Nutrition PUMP, my Pink Lemonade Enhanced Nutrition EAA with my intra workout carbs and my Beef Protein Shake with my Koala crisp Post workout. Also, I take omega-3 & vitamin-D throughout the year. 

   Finally, the world of training is not only a sport that literally saved me, but it's a sport that pushes us to be a better version of ourselves every day, every week. The important thing in this area is not perfection, but the progression, the evolution that will lead to success. 

-Coach Drey