A little glimpse of my professional career!

   I have been athletic since I was little! I went through basketball, dance, volleyball, cheerleading, etc. In short: I have always been very active!

   Following multiple ankle fractures and other knee injuries, the doctor ordered me to never play sports again ... So I signed up for the gym in 2013 and since then I have never given up!

   I worked for a long time in the environment of sports centers, and the start of the 2020 pandemic prompted me to start my own coaching business! To date, I have the chance to supervise 2 employees and make a living from my passion!

What motivates me to train

    The sense of accomplishment and pride when the results show up! Evolving as a person physically and especially mentally, it drives me day after day, year after year!

My hobbies

Training (surprise!)

The food (surprise!)

Outdoors - long live nature and hiking!

Travel - discover new cultures

Cars - yes, a chariot girl

Put a smile on people's lives and watch them evolve!

My favorite training day?

My workout style

My "favorite" supplements

Enhanced EAA Pink Lemonade flavor!


Because I like being able to do whatever I want when I want my favorite animal is the bird!

My favourite color is blue.

Ice cream is a soft vanilla coated in chocolate or nothing at all!